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Oferta educativa

Educational offer

A journey that lasts 15 years

From P3 to 2nd year of Baccalaureate, the main protagonists of our teaching activity are our students. With them, we take a shared trip that lasts 15 years in most cases. Throughout this journey, families, teachers and non-teaching staff observe them grow and change and we help them to build their lives and their criteria and vision of the world.

Educació infantil

Infant Education

The Infant Education stage is the beginning and the basis on which the different learnings are forged.

Early Childhood Education must encourage the development of children’s capacities to allow them to grow as individuals and with continuous and progressive learning.

The Early Childhood Education Project is based on 8 core learning areas (people, community, coexistence, inclusion, autonomy, creativity, research and love of nature) and 5 lines of work (tutorial action, games and routines, globalised projects, shared learning spaces and code learning). The core learning areas are the backbone of the project and are the foundation on which children’s global and transversal learning is based.

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Educació Primària

Primary Education

Throughout this stage, it is difficult to separate the cognitive aspects from the affective and relationship aspects. Children, as they grow up, become increasingly autonomous. In the rich and diverse context of the school, educational elements such as affective, psychomotor, cognitive and social aspects help them to develop in a balanced way so that, when necessary, they are incorporated into the world of adolescence with the corresponding autonomy.

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Educació Secundària

Secondary Education

It is a time of many changes, both in terms of work and study methods and in the development and maturing process of boys and girls. We have started the ep@iLogos project, which involves a new learning methodology linked to the tools and resources provided by the use of a device (an iPad) in an ordinary way within the educational task. This is an important step that highlights one of the changes in the progression from Primary to Secondary.

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It is the last stage of schooling and is also the stage that leads to university or higher professional studies. It is important, therefore, to have a solid academic training, but also, and especially, to take advantage of the last years in which family and school share the task of helping to shape a personality that incorporates values, concerns, sensitivities and own criteria.

We offer all the modalities of the Baccalaureate.

  • Science and Technology
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Arts
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We offer the possibility of taking the Bachibac, the study programme that allows students to obtain the double qualification of the Spanish baccalaureate and the French baccalauréat and gives direct access to Spanish and French universities. For these boys and girls, it means an immersion in French language and culture through the in-depth study of French language, literature and history.

This double qualification entitles students to the B2 certificate of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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Resultats acadèmics

Academic results

Our academic results are the result of the teamwork between family and school and the accompaniment and help offered to our students from p3 to 2nd year of Baccalaureate in a shared path in which we guide them towards adult life, responsibility and full citizenship.

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