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A curriculum for a double degree

Bachibac students are immersed in French language and culture. This study programme, which is the result of an agreement between the Spanish and French governments, allows students to obtain the double qualification of the Spanish baccalaureate and the French baccalauréat and gives them direct access to Spanish and French universities.

When they reach the Baccalaureate, students at the school have the option of studying the Bachibac, a study programme that allows them to obtain the double qualification of the Spanish Baccalaureate and the French Baccalauréat. This allows them to immerse themselves in the French language and culture through an in-depth study of the language, literature and history of France. At the same time, it encourages bicultural and multilingual training, mobility and cultural exchange and professional integration.

The Bachibac incorporates, in addition to the common and specific subjects of any itinerary of the Baccalaureate, French as a first foreign language, tutoring in French, the subjects of French Literature and French History, substituting the specific subject of 1st and 2nd of each itinerary, the Research Project in French, the exchange in 1st, and the trip to Paris, in 2nd, in French and, in total, a third of the curriculum in French.


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