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We invite you to take a virtual tour so that you can get to know the different classrooms and spaces of the Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia school.

As you can see, we have two campuses, Tibidabo and Sarriá.
In the Tibidabo building there are 4 classes for each level of Infant Education and 6 classes for each level of Primary Education.
In the Sarriá building, there are 2 classes for each level of Infant Education, 5 classes for each level of Secondary Education and 8 classes for each level of Baccalaureate.

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Visit our new spaces

Infant Education

The Infant Education spaces at the Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia school are warm, welcoming, open to the outside, and provide learning opportunities. The classrooms are open to the outside, providing new learning opportunities for the children. We offer Infant Education both in the Tibidabo building (4 classes for each level) and in the Sarriá building (2 classes for each level).

Kindergarten Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia Sarrià

Infant Education 3 and 4 years Tibidabo

Infant Education 5 years Tibidabo

Primary Education

In Primary Education, the classrooms and the various indoor and outdoor multipurpose spaces allow us to carry out the different learning activities and make our students active and reflective protagonists.

Unique classrooms


Secondary Education

In Secondary Education, different spaces allow students to work on the different subjects from much more interactive materials and diverse methodologies, to participate more actively in their learning process and to develop strategies and transversal competences in order to resolve the challenges they will encounter with greater autonomy.


Unique classrooms Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia Sarrià


In the Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia school we offer all the modalities of the Baccalaureate and also, the Bachibac. The different spaces allow us to organize the subjects of the different modalities and the specific ones of the different itineraries.

Lobby Baccalaureate and Art Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia Sarrià


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