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The Baccalaureate, meeting point

In the school Baccalaureate, we offer all the modalities of the Baccalaureate: Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Studies and Arts. The school is home to students from the three Fundació Collserola schools: the Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia school, the Avenç school and the Ramon Fuster school.

The Baccalaureate, the last stage of schooling, is the stage that leads to university or higher professional studies. It is important to offer them a solid academic training and, especially, to take advantage of the last years in which family and school share the task of helping to shape a personality that incorporates values, concerns, sensitivities, own criteria and critical spirit.

The age of the students in the Baccalaureate and the previous work accumulated make the educational aims of these last two years particularly productive. Family and teachers, moreover, can help them to build their own value system; to awaken various curiosities that open up endless new horizons; to see the world around them with respect, sensitivity and social responsibility; to feel the need and to be able to think freely, rejecting simple analyses and single truths. All this will be so essential in their lives that we cannot give up working, as much and as well as we are capable of.


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