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Our partner foundations

Fundació Cim d’Estela

Fundació Cim d’Estela provides us with high quality and specialised complementary educational services in the fields of sports, culture and leisure, as well as in the lunchtime programme.

Currently, they cover five sectors of activity: the lunchtime programme in the school; the extracurricular sports and cultural activities; the summer camps and day camps; the music school and the language centre.


Fundació Institut de Psicologia

The collaboration with the Fundació Institut de Psicologia allows us to offer a whole service in the field of psychology, psychiatry, psychopedagogy and speech therapy, in coordination with the school, to ensure personal, family and/or collective improvement in cases that require health intervention.

It was created with the will and support of the Fundació Collserola and the intention of joining efforts between the world of pedagogy and psychology and fostering the balanced development of the individual person.


Fundació Bellaire

Fundació Bellaire, founded in 2009 from the collaboration between Fundació Collserola and the Grup d’Estudis Psicosi Infantil (GEPI), is the owner of the Bellaire school and therapeutic centre, a special education centre.

The purpose of the Fundació Bellaire is to create and support non-profit institutions and services dedicated to the research, education and treatment of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).


Fundació Els Xiprers

With the aim of developing an Integral Programme of Attention to Autism, the Fundació Els Xiprers, an entity that takes care of adults affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), was integrated.

The Fundació Els Xiprers has an occupational centre in the old buildings of the Ramon Fuster school, donated some years ago by the Fundació Collserola, and a home-residence in Sabadell.