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Educació Secundària

Secondary Education

The esp@iLogos Project in Secondary Education

Students acquire skills for a global world: teamwork, leadership, digital competence, emotional management, organisation and creativity. At the same time, it transforms traditional ways of teaching and learning, encompassing knowledge and skills and increasing the sources of learning so that they can solve new challenges with autonomy and efficiency.

Secondary students often work with methodologies in which the teacher is no longer always the provider of knowledge, but acts as a guide/coach in a learning process that the children are doing by themselves. These work systems are oriented towards promoting cooperative work, critical thinking, creativity, innovation and communication, aspects that are increasingly important in the new ways of organising work and are therefore key in education.

In project-based work, the students’ self-management of the learning process turns the iPad into a facilitating tool, both in terms of research and information processing and in terms of presentation, which, in different formats, forces them to work on a multitude of transversal competences.


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