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Activitats extraescolars

After school activities


The Music School offers classes compatible with the school timetable. It has a large staff of qualified teachers specialised in different disciplines and instruments.

The practice of the instrument is combined with the activity of the musicians’ workshop, in order to combine individual classes with group practice. We offer the following instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, electric bass, saxophone, guitar, electric guitar, clarinet, drums and modern singing.

Art and technology

On one hand, we offer visual art workshops in three modalities: the artists’ workshop; the sculpture workshop; and the photography workshop. On the other hand, in the performing arts activities, we programme corporal expression and creative dance activities in 1st Primary, and from 2nd Primary onwards, we offer theatre activities, with a stable Theatre Company during Secondary. We work on acting techniques and do exercises that help to express emotions and represent situations. Throughout the school year, we prepare sketches, monologues, diction or fragments of different plays. One of the activities is the performance of a play for families at the end of the course.

Finally, within the area of technology, we organise the robotics and programming activity, in which we learn to programme software, while developing computational thinking and stimulating creativity and the ability to solve problems.


We extend and improve the foreign language skills of our students, after school hours. The aim is to achieve a natural immersion in the language being studied.

The Language Centre has a staff of approximately 30 qualified teachers, most of whom are native or bilingual, and many of whom are Cambridge examiners.

In addition to English courses for all levels, we organise an English theatre activity for 3rd to 6th year Primary, which uses English as a vehicular language to prepare a performance at the end of the school year. In a playful, fun and creative way we learn new vocabulary, practise pronunciation and, in a less academic way, while acting, we reinforce our knowledge of English.

From Baccalaureate onwards, the Language Centre offers extracurricular German and French courses with the aim of obtaining official qualifications. These classes are designed to give continuity to students who were studying a second foreign language in secondary school.


Sport activity within the school begins at the age of 4 years, with Motor Games activities. It is designed to develop body awareness and control, coordination skills and hygiene habits.

From the 1st year of Primary School onwards, we do what we call pre-sport, which links sport with leisure time. We practise a wide range of sports from all over the world with the rules and equipment adapted to their age. During the last term, we introduce them to all the sports they will be able to play the following year to help them choose one.

From 3rd to 2nd Baccalaureate, students can join a team sport programme ranging from the basic concepts of the game for the youngest students to the advanced tactics and strategies of the older ones. There is a choice of indoor football, basketball or volleyball. From Secondary School onwards, if the teams are well consolidated, we open the possibility of federating them.

On the other hand, in Primary we also offer different types of team sports, such as skating, rhythmic gymnastics and hip-hop (the latest, including Secondary).

Finally, individual sports such as table tennis or chess, which improve mental agility, strategy and creativity, are also available.

Mountain Group

The Mountain Group brings together primary school students from the three schools of the Fundació Collserola who, according to age groups, meet one weekend a term for an outdoor activity designed to enjoy nature and create a space for the students of the Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia school, the Avenç school and the Ramon Fuster school to get to know each other.


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