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Educació Infantil

Infant Education

8 core areas of learning and 5 lines of work

The Infant Education Educational Project is based on 8 core areas of learning and 5 lines of work. The core learning areas are the backbone of the project and are the foundation on which children’s global and transversal learning is based.

8 core areas of learning base and structure Infant Education in our school: people, community, coexistence, inclusion, autonomy, creativity, research and love for nature. They are placed as the first and fundamental process on which learning is based. They are incorporated from a global and transversal approach and are deployed in 5 lines of work (tutorial action, games and routines, globalised projects, shared learning spaces and the learning of written code). These lines of work promote the creation of spaces that stimulate the best learning situations and a constant reflection on educational practice itself.


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