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Les Vinyes de Vilamarí

Les Vinyes de Vilamarí are located in the Berguedà region, at the junction of the Catalan Central Depression and the Pre-Pyrenees, the dividing line between Alt and Baix Berguedà. This location makes it possible to develop different activities to get to know the region from an artistic, cultural, economic and natural point of view; for example, studying the Romanesque, discovering the textile colonies and the activity generated in the area around the river Ripoll or getting to know the Patum festival and the different local traditions.

A responsible director

A responsible director collaborates in the preparation of the activities for the students who come to the house. Depending on the age group, the proposals are adapted and, for example, we study the Romanesque, discover the textile colonies and the activity generated in the area around the Ripoll river, turn the students into astronomers to observe the night sky and discover the stars and planets that can be seen, or celebrate and discover the Patum festival and the different local traditions, among many other proposals.

The Country House

Situated on a property of 55 hectares of fields and woods and 1,500 m2 of buildings, the house was a farmhouse of the Vilamarí manor house in the municipality of Avià. The name comes from the vines that were planted, taking advantage of the sunny location and shelter from the winds, in an unsuccessful attempt to root the crop in that region. The old farmhouse building is the heart around which the buildings and equipment necessary for a holiday camp have been added. Currently, the house has 176 authorised vacancies. Among the different buildings, there are two workshop classrooms – which can be turned into an auditorium for 200 people -, the activity room, the infirmary, the kitchen, the lunch room and the storeroom. Around these buildings there are several courtyards, a football pitch, a swimming pool and a multi-sports court.