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Fundació Collserola

Fundació Collserola

The Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia school, together with the Avenç school in Sant Cugat del Vallès and the Ramon Fuster school in Bellaterra, is part of the Fundació Collserola.

The origin

The origins of the Fundació Collserola lie in the Frederic Mistral school, which was founded in 1967 by a group of families and education professionals who were committed to creating a secular and pluralistic Catalan school that was independent of any political, ideological or social organisation. From the very beginning, the desire for profit was excluded as an objective and the economic results were dedicated, year after year, to the improvement of school facilities and equipment, to increasing the number and quality of teaching services and to integrating new schools into the initial project.

In 1988, the Frederic Mistral school integrated the Avenç school in Sant Cugat del Vallès. In 1994, the Fundació Collserola was set up, to which the ownership of the two schools was transferred, as well as ownership of the land, buildings, facilities and equipment that formed part of the Country House Les Vinyes de Vilamarí where the Fundació Collserola schools have their year and summer camps.

In 1995, the Institut Tècnic Eulàlia joined the group. The Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia school was founded as a result of this integration. The integration of new schools was completed in 1998 with the incorporation of the Ramon Fuster school in Bellaterra.

Our values

The main values of the Fundació and the schools that are part of it are Catalan identity, secularism, pluralism, critical thinking, inclusion and civic awareness. We offer a holistic education and high quality, inclusive personalised teaching. Our goal is to achieve a solid personal and academic education for children and youths.

We work with passion and commitment, promoting culture and knowledge, in close collaboration with families and the environment, and with a strong social conscience.

We want, in a constantly changing world, to create rigorous and high quality learning environments, which help our students to achieve their maximum potential according to their talent and abilities. We aim for our children and young people to become citizens who value knowledge with a critical spirit, who are ethically committed, who respect social and cultural diversity, and who are competent and capable of responding to complex situations with courage and creativity in order to contribute to the progress and development of society.

Our partner foundations

Over the years, in order to be able to respond more effectively to the different needs of families and the school community, the Fundació Cim d’Estela has been incorporated into the Collserola group, whose purpose is to provide services for leisure activities and monitoring; the Fundació Institut de Psicologia, which is dedicated to providing health services and specialised treatment in the field of psychology, psychiatry, psychopedagogy and speech therapy; the Fundació Bellaire, which runs the Escola Bellaire school of special education and the Fundació Els Xiprers, which provides care for adults affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Our cultural agreements

Art and culture have always been important pillars in the educational orientation of the Fundació Collserola. We understand art as an excellent educational vehicle to guide students towards adulthood by providing them with their own unique resources. Art is a good tool for reflecting and making value judgements, for enjoying and reacting, in a sensitive way, to beauty, forms, colours and other stimuli and, also, for interpreting the world through artistic practices and creations.

In this sense we have established agreements with different cultural institutions.

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